Help my buddy stay healthy
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I need to help a friend find free/cheap legal aid for an employment/ADA situation in Los Angeles.

I have a friend who has pancreatic cancer. It's usually fatal, but for some reason, he's still kicking. He normally works in a highly technical manufacturing area with an intemperate climate. After his last few bouts of pneumonia, he was given an office-type temporary position. He's been relatively healthy lately. Now, he's being replaced by someone with a degree and he's been told that he has to go back to working in the intemperate manufacturing climate, despite the fact that his doctor recommends ambient temperature. My friend is afraid of fighting recurrent bouts of pneumonia again.

We're not really sure if there are laws that benefit people like him.

I don't expect anyone to necessarily be able to help with specifics, but I'm hoping to be able to point him to some competent, low-cost legal aid. He spends a large portion of wages on meds that keep him alive, so he doesn't have much disposable income. Thanks for any advice.
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Law Dogs Map
Free legal advice Wednesday nights 7 p.m.
14114 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91405
818 908-3234

Basically, a well known hot dog stand in Van Nuys, where an attorney offers pro bono personal law consultations on Wednesday evenings, in a little room around back. First come, first served. Featured in this WQED program from a couple of years back.
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There's a Disability Rights Legal Services clinic run by Whittier, and it has a section specifially for cancer patients. I found that through this website listing many pro-bono clinics and services in the Los Angeles area.
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