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I am looking for a short story that I thought I found linked here on Metafilter, perhaps years ago. The plot is: a space ship and the crew is stuck in a time loop at a dead-end system. One of the members of the crew is, seemingly, a merely "average" navigator, and they are blamed for this situation. By treating with a powerful fairy prince, they learn to stop relying on an object called a "navigator's coin" and break the deadlock and time-loop, navigating away from the dead-end station. Can anyone help me find it?

There is a theme where the navigator is a "part-owner" of the ship but was marginalized because of not being particularly good at their job.
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I really think this was one of brainwane's 2021 short story posts, perhaps, if that helps you narrow it down? Unfortunately I think I may have read it on a different computer, since it's not any of the ones showing up as links I clicked on, but it sounds very familiar...
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! Really thought I'd lost this one...

I very much appreciate the pointer to brainwane, too --- scrubbing through those 2021 short story posts has given me quite the stack of reading material.
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Definitely the one I was thinking of too - and no wonder I couldn't find it since I had the wrong poster! (But reading a bunch of short stories while trying and failing to track that one down was a great way to lose track of time!)
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