Do my perfect bedsheets still exist?
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I love cotton jersey sheets--they're warm, soft, and comfortable, and don't give me the ick like flannel does. I'm also as picky about color as I am about material, and it's getting harder and harder to find what I want: full jersey sheet sets in solid, non-heathered, jewel-tone colors. Do you know for certain where I can find some, besides The Company Store? Please share the specific product link!

The Company Store is excluded because I've already purchased the only color they have left that I like, Navy. They used to carry a much wider variety of colors but all they have now are bright, primary colors or pastels and neutrals.

I don't mind purchasing each piece separately as long as I can purchase a matching fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases--matching duvet cover is nice to have, but not required. This plus the non-heathered requirement leaves out most of what I've been able to find on Amazon, but maybe I've missed something?

For the purposes of this question "jewel-tone" means deep, dark, solid shades of green, red, purple, or orange (I want this), and "heathered" means having flecks of lighter colors interwoven among the main color (I don't want this).

I'm willing to pay someone to make them for me if you can recommend a person who will ship to California USA. Assume making them myself is not an option.

I am open to specific product suggestions for warm, soft, comfortable sheets made of other materials that are not jersey as long as that material isn't flannel or flannel-like.
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Garnet Hill, Lands End
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit, but in case this helps calibrate future answers: both Lands End and Garnet Hill only have the lighter/more pastel colors, though Garnet Hill is a bit closer with their Celestial Blue.
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I’m the opposite of you in that I can’t find individual sheets instead of sets anywhere except Cuddledown. Their colors aren’t as dark as you’d like but they’re less pastely than some. They also seem to change their color selection regularly so maybe in the future?
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Not to threadsit...

I saw what you did there. I would ask on my local social media page for someone who sews, then here is a site with gorgeous fabric.
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Have you checked out Bed Bath and Beyond? These are also my favorite type of sheets.
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Have you considered getting white sheets in a decent quality and dyeing them? Seems like that's a way to separate quality and colour.
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Looks like Home Depot sells Company Store brand cotton jersey sheet sets online? They have red and orange available in full.
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"Warm" and "soft" are really subjective and these might not hit where you want, but I find Charter Club sheets read as "warm and soft" to me because even though they're flat-woven, they're more insulating than lower thread-count sheets and the fabric has a smooth and pleasant hand. I'm pretty sure they won't feel as as cozy as jersey. But I think they have some colors that would suit what you're after.
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Do you need 100 percent cotton, or is a 50/50 blend okay? Are you okay with another set in Navy or another blue shade?
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Response by poster: Dyeing is close enough to making them myself that it's not an option for me.

50/50 blend is okay if it's soft (which I do understand is subjective). I'm really hoping to find something in another color--Navy seems covered by a variety of retailers but for some reason even a proper dark (not bright) red or burgundy seems impossible to find, let alone a nice emerald green or deep purple.
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I've bought decent enough sheets from BBB in the past and they certainly seem to have a colour variety. Green gets me avocados and teals, mostly, but they throw in the occasional turquoise; red gets a decent burgundy.

As is the way with BBB, do not buy anything from there without a 20% coupon in hand (though I see they're excluding sale items from that now).
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