Can you help me find an episode of This American Life? (I think?)
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There's an episode of TAL about a woman who gets a phone call from an old (camp?) friend, and it brings up painful memories tied to music lessons. [Mild TW]

In this episode, a woman gets a phone call from an old friend. When they were teens, the woman had confided in the friend that she was being sexually abused by a private music teacher (I believe in that teacher’s home). Now, in adulthood, the old friend calls to chat about her daughter taking music lessons in the same instrument and seems to have no memory of the abuse conversation, in a super weird way. Does this ring a bell??? My googlefu has failed completely. It’s possible this is from another podcast, but…I really don’t think it is. Please hope me!
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Best answer: 389: Frenemies?
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Response by poster: YEP!!!!! <3
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