Psilocybin retreat recommendations/resources?
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A friend of mine is dealing with long-term depression but is having some small success with micro-dosing psilocybin. He would like to try a retreat but isn't sure which ones are legit and is too overwhelmed to do the research. Any recommendations --either for retreats, or for resources listing good intensives/retreats/programs specifically around psilocybin and depression?

I believe he would travel within the states for it, but ideally somewhere West of the Mississippi.
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Best answer: If your friend wants to stay as above-board as possible they could start by looking in Oregon, which is in the process of legalizing and regulating the use of psilocybin.

This article from last April provides an overview, with a discussion of therapeutic use.

Oregon Psilocybin Services is the state agency putting the framework together. Here's their January newsletter.

I have not hung out there, but there is an active psychonauts subreddit where your friend could probably find a variety of resources.

Best of luck to them!
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Best answer: If your friend is looking for a retreat in the U.S. they'll need to find one through word of mouth, so I would suggest finding a local psychedelic organization. These are completely legal because they're discussion groups and can be found on Meetup or with a Google search. If there's nothing like that where your friend lives, look for forums online such as the subreddit that Winnie the Proust mentioned.

It seems that psilocybin retreats are legal in Jamaica and Mexico, but there are only a few as far as I know (I'm only aware of a total of 3). These should be vetted carefully by trying to find people who have been there. There is Buena Vida Retreats in Mexico. I have not been there and this is not a recommendation. But I mention them because they have a weekly free Zoom call where you can meet some of the guides and ask questions. There are also a few legal retreats in the Netherlands.
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