Finding an online qigong class
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I'm interested in qigong, and hoping to learn more about what qigong is, what the different types are, and where I could find an online class. Please explain qigong to me, and recommend your favorite synchronous or asynchronous online classes!

My city doesn't have any in-person qigong classes that are geographically accessible to me right now, so I'm looking to explore qigong through online classes. There are seem to be many different kinds of qigong, so if you can help me better understand what is different and what is the same among the various forms, I'd be very appreciative!

I have no ankle flexion in one side (it's fixed in place by a prosthetic-orthotic device that allows me to walk), so I might need to adapt some movements. For example, if I bend my knee, my butt has to travel backwards since my ankle can't flex to let my knee travel forwards.

Time constraints: I could attend a class at 7:00am Pacific Time on a weekday, or potentially after work or on a weekend. I'm also open to watching videos instead of (or more preferably in addition to) attending an online class, so if you know of really good recordings, please recommend those as well.
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People I know who are really really into qigong rate the Internal Arts Academy highly.
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Best answer: Someone I know offers free online qigong classes! I went once; it was nice; I am not a qigong expert.
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I asked a practicing friend and he was worried about your ankle — he says, do you know about chair qi gong? A safer way to start.
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