what to order with a lobster dinner
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A good lobster dinner wine?
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I would say something classically paired with a mild fish, such as an unoaked, citrusy white. Look for a Spanish muscatel, or a Sauvignon Blanc, or a Pinot Gris. I think that with lobster something with fruit notes in it would be very nice.
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Anything white. I'd go for something fruitier. Depends on the sauce.
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Muscadet was my first thought; if you can find a white Meritage (Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon) those can be quite nice. Anything from Entre-deux-Mers in Bordeaux should be lovely and not break the bank.

Riesling is another way to go, especially if you're using a sweet sauce or a chutney.
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I was once served Duckhorn sauvignon blanc with a lobster feast and it was incredible.
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A good lobster wine!
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With a rich sauce, pull out the stops and pair it with vintage Champagne, a good white Burgundy or Graves.
Otherwise non-vintage Champagne, Reisling, Chablis.
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I'll suggest a white Côtes du Rhône, if the lobster is steamed, grilled or served in a cream sauce. You need something with more body and complex vanilla notes than forgettable Sauvignon Blanc, and yet most Chardonay or white bordeaux will have too much tannin. Although a bit sweet, and sometimes thought of for a dessert course, lighter Vouvray wines are also excellent accompanients for lobster.
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Hey, let us know what you went for and how it went with the dinner.
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Clos Des Mouches: Domaine Yves Darviot was an excellent pairing I had a whiles back... I dont eat too much lobster :(
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Maybe not the best wine, but you can't beat the label.

(Actually, I second the Vouvray suggestion. Or champagne. Champagne is good with anything.)

Camus Conundrum is a decent white meritage.
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A good Pouilly Fume. Excellent wine with fish. I shared three bottles with friends last night over langostines. Mmmm Mmmm.
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How is the lobster being prepared?
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The wine is going to vary greatly with the preparation method.

That being said light prep methods would go excellently with a Belgian Triple and heavier prep methods with a quadruple. (yes, it's beer. Shellfish in belgian cooking is traditionally served/cooked with beer, and can be incredibly delicious).

One caveat: do not, I repeat, do NOT try to pair a beer with a lobster with a tomato based sauce. You have been warned :)
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Agree with the Sauv Blanc, off the beaten path you might try a Sancerre. (Sauv blanc grapes, Loire valley exclusive)
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