Any private space for a call Friday morning in East Midtown Manhattan?
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I need to have a semi-private telephone conversation on Friday at 10AM within 15 or 20 minutes of 333 E 38th St. Manhattan, 10016. Any ideas of a library, working space, almost empty restaurant/cafe, or some other option where I can have private/secluded space?
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If you're willing to spend some money, you could get an office space by the hour through Breather. I did this once when I was taking a job interview during working hours.
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The Westgate at 304 E 42nd St has a lounge area which might be worth checking out. It's a boutique hotel and pretty far east so unlikely to be busy with tourists. The lounge has chairs that seem to be designed for private conversation with sort of canopy hoods.

I stayed there a few years ago (when it was a Hilton) and I barely saw another soul, and that was in May, so a snowy March morning will probably be even quieter.
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I just checked availability at the Westgate and they have loads of empty rooms this week - and it's not a huge hotel - so the odds of it being pretty uiet are pretty good.
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WeWork lets you rent a meeting room on demand and has locations nearby.
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the empire hotel on w 63 rd near Lincoln center has couches and chairs on the mezzanine
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Huh.. I literally worked at that same building 5 years ago when NYP had some IT offices there (pretty sure they all moved out by now).... I'll second the Westgate if you're not willing to pay for a WeWork.
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Would outdoors be an option? You'd be in the vicinity of Bryant Park.
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Response by poster: Would outdoors be an option? You'd be in the vicinity of Bryant Park.

Depends on the weather.
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