Can I recover my unfiled 2020 tax return from TurboTax?
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So I mostly completed my tax return for 2020 with TurboTax online and never filed. I know that I can't file online anymore. I'm having trouble figuring out if that partially completed tax return is still saved in my TurboTax account and, if so, do I need to pay to access it? Maybe this is the wrong place to ask but I wanted to at least try and see!
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Response by poster: (Obviously you don't know what's happening with my specific account, but what I mean is like, do those generally get saved?)
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What happens when you try to log onto your turbotax account? I would start there and see what happens. There is no way you would be unknowingly find yourself owing money just because you tried to log in. My guess is that either the information will still be there or they don't store information for unfiled returns beyond a certain date so my guess is you probably won't have option to pay to access - it will either be there or it won't.
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Yes, I am able to access my unfiled 2020 tax return through TurboTax without paying.

Log in to TurboTax, go through the initial questionnaire to start a 2022 return, then once you're into the main tax application, click "Tax Home" in the left navigation, expand the "Your tax returns & documents" section at the bottom, and click "2020".
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Same as Syllepsis: I used TurboTax in 2020 and can still download a pdf of my return from that year after login. They ask why you want it, but you'll still get it.
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I'm so sorry--I misunderstood your question. I have attempted this myself (tried to access a previous year's uncompleted return) and failed. I hope Syllepsis's answer is correct. I never found that option.
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TurboTax is free to use until you file. If you want the forms to print or to file electronically, that's when you pay.
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