Scholarly papers on Cornwall or Scottish local nationalism?
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Hi. I am trying to find political science papers on local nationalism in Cornwall or Scotland. Are there any good scholarly papers or solid interviews/news articles that are worthy on a local/municipal level?
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There's this on Cornish identity. And this. Both from the Institute of Cornish Studies.
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Maaany years ago I took an undergrad course at Edinburgh University taught by sociologist David McCrone, who's still there and writing/teaching about Scottish nationalism. I don't know for sure that he's written about it at local levels, but if he's been writing on it for 30+ years, I guess chances are that something by him has touched on that. He, or his bibliographies, might give you a starting place.

Sociology rather than political science, but thought I'd mention it given the dearth of other suggestions.
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So just to check, by "local nationalism" you mean not the whole-Scotland independence movement but more regional than that- "Highlands separatism"? "Freedom for Glasgow"? (Or are you looking for regional differences in support for nationalism?)
I suspect articles about this may be difficult to find because the signal will be swamped within the ones about whole-country nationalism. (I'm also not entirely sure that the concept exists for Cornwall, which doesn't have a huge population.) "Nationalism" is probably not the most fruitful search term, really, but "devolution", "separatism", "self-determination" all hit exactly the same issue.
You may need to identify the regions/cities that you want to look at and search specifically for them [this is probably as good a starting point to find area names as any); other possible ways in might be the Catholic-Protestant thing and the Gaelic-Scots-Scottish English debates.
(On a test search, leaving out the concept of nationalism altogether and just doing "local government Edinburgh" wasn't successful, but in an interestingly different way which suggests that this approach might be worth a further look.)
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A Google scholar search for the Cornish Nationalist party Mebyon Kernow.
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