Treo Filter: Insurance for my Treo?
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Where can I find comprehensive insurance for my Treo, without going through my service provider?

I received an unlocked Treo 650 (GSM model) from a good friend (Thanks, N!) and I love it to death. In the past, I've always used the optional low-cost insurance programs my cell service providers offered, and took advantage of it more than once, saving my ass.

My service provider, T-Mobile, works great with the Treo, but it's a model they don't offer, so their insurance plan won't cover it. So my question is: What's a good way to have decent coverage with an acceptable deductable for my Treo? I don't have homeowners insurance (I rent), and I'm loathe to add it to my already bulky business insurance. I'd like it to be stand-alone. Any ideas?
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How much is a Treo 650? $400 unlocked? You could get a rider on your renter's insurance (which you should already have), or you could just put $5 in a jar every couple of weeks, just in case you drop the Treo in the toilet.

If, at the end of the Treo's life, you've managed to keep the Treo toilet-free, you could use the money to buy a new phone.
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I had great luck with lockline insuring my pocketPC / phone. I broke the screen, they shipped me a new one by Monday. That one fell off my belt and was stolen, they shipped me a new one two days later. Mind you, they also canceled my insurance, but that's fair enough, really. I can sign up again in February, but until then I have to make sure to hang on to the thing!

They charge $6 a month.
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Good call squid, thanks! That's less than my hot or not account! :-D
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In speaking with lockline today, they do not offer insurance of treo's.
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