Please help find a hotel with great bathtub in Boston area
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I would like to find a hotel in the greater Boston area that has a wonderful bathtub. It would be great if the other aspects of the hotel are on par with the tub, but the tub experience is the focus. Adequate depth and decent width/length are the main factors - bubbles and other features are nice, but not critical. I'm having trouble coming up with a search query that returns relevant results, and I'm ready to throw in the towel.

This needs to be an in-room tub, not a communal jacuzzi or hot tub kind of thing.
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Best answer: The mandarin in the back bay
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Best answer: I found a relevant thread on the Boston subreddit from less than a year ago and it looks like there are some tips there.
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Best answer: When I stayed at tye Sheraton Commander in Cambridge 1998 I had an in-room bathtub with jacuzzi function.
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Best answer: Here's a list of five suggestions.
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Best answer: The mandarin in the back bay

Literally was coming here to say the Mandarin. If you can handle the slightly weird colonizer vibe, the bathrooms and bathtubs, at least in the room I stayed in, were exceptional.
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