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I need your help so I can help the least "bridezilla"-y bride with a kind of persnickety bridesmaid dress desire.

The wedding is early April and she finally chose the color for the bridesmaids. Fell in love. It's any "mulberry*" dresses (NO SATIN! She's right tho) from birdygrey. NO PROB! But she didn't notice that mulberry in every style won't arrive until after the wedding.
She will probably end up having to settle for dusty rose or mauve or whatever, and she will be fine. But I'd love to see if the hive could help me find another company w lots of dresses (for the different body shapes and ages and skin showing comfort) in a similar color a la BG or a few styles in the same by happenstance.
Prefer close to the price point but show me what you got.
(I'm aware of the color Sedona of higher priced David's Bridal dresses. We will also be wearing cultural clothing before changing into these western clothes so trying to keep costs down, but like I said, please share)

*that's a stupid name. This color isn't mulberry.
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Azazie is a similar company to Birdy Grey. I checked one Mulberry dress and the standard shipping estimate was late March.
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Azazie looks good, just to note when exploring that their 'Mulberry' selection is categorised under reds rather than purples. (You may have expected that - but I found it confusing!)
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Response by poster: Thanks! Like I noted in my Ask, the "mulberry" color by birdygrey is NOT what I or any of these other companies (or clearly any sane Mefite) would call Mulberry.
I super appreciate the help, but please look (despite the variations of monitors) at the shade in the BG link I provided. That's what we're looking for.
Thanks so much!
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please look (despite the variations of monitors) at the shade in the BG link I provided.

It was actually a bit tricky to find - so for everyone's assistance, here is a link to the exact color being sought.
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On my screen Azazie’s Mai tai colour looks relatively close.
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I have also pulled out swatches for some of Azazie's colors I also think might work:

Azazie Vintage Mauve.
Azazie Cedar Rose.
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I went through some swatch hell last year with Azazie for my niece (junior bridesmaid) at my wedding. Come to think of it, my bridesmaid as well when Birdy grey stopped carrying the exact green that we both liked. Anywho. Get on Facebook (or have the bride) and join whatever local bride groups exist (often there’s at least a buy/trade/sell) and ask for swatches in as many of the Azazie colors she thinks are close to the right color. You could also ask if someone is willing to post the swatches in a photo, which still can help. If there’s no action on this front, order the swatches by tomorrow. If the wedding is early April you need to move quickly. I’ve had good experience with Azazie (I’ve worn them in 2 weddings and my MOH and junior bridesmaid used them in mine) but your timing is tight, especially as there are a often few people who are always late ordering a dress in the group.

And I think Azazie’s dusty Rose is likely the closest match.

And on reflection I’m sure there are message boards out there discussing this very topic with swatches in hand! You could also try looking at PoshMark for dresses being sold and seeing if she like how they look “in person” rather than just the generic online catalogue photos
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We got our bridesmaid dresses from bill levkoff and there are sub-100 options. There are a few shades close-ish to the mulberry shade (that I agree, isn’t mulberry), but not sure if close enough. Adding the link just in case.
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Just chiming in to say that back in the day I worked at a bridal salon and that color was called Blush so it might be listed as that on other websites.
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I played with the colors on Azazie for awhile too (wore them in a wedding this past spring, VERY VERY HAPPY, everyone loved their dresses, I ordered mine from the "party dress" side and hemming it was more expensive than the dress, I looked amazeballs, though some of their party dresses are more casual than they had last year), and I agree that there's several colors that are close but may not be perfect matches. If you want to look at all the colors, if you go to the bridesmaid page (, if you click on the "all" circle on the right, it will show you, well, all the colors.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the advice and I hope it helps someone else who comes upon the question! As I HOPED, she chose a different color that is ready to ship (dark mauve) and we're good to go!
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