Where to put soap and shampoo in the bath?
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I'm looking for a minimalist aesthetic and practical solution for putting soap and shampoo bottles in a regular full sized bath/shower. I think the shower head hangers and pole style fixtures are tacky and flimsy. There are nice looking ones that attach to the wall, but I'm concerned with longevity of the attachment and ease of cleaning. We use large heavy shampoo bottles. I like the wooden tray styles, but I'm concerned it will get moldy and break down. Looking for something under $30. Any other suggestions?
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Could these work in your space? I used to keep mine just outside the shower and they have such a small footprint, it worked well. Now in a new bathroom I keep them on the bench built into the shower. Either place, they've been very study and wash easily.
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Ps- there's also a triangular shaped version!
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I would consider the Command Bath Shower Caddy. We have two in two different showers and they have held up well, going on 2+ years I believe. The waterproof command strips are great. Do follow the preparation/installation instructions including pressing on the strips and observing the waiting time before adding the bottles/weight. Also suggest to mount them away from the shower head and higher on the wall such that arms aren’t pointing down/water isn’t running directly in when reaching into it. But they do have openings at the bottom so any water can run out. You can also unattach the caddy to rinse or scrub it while leaving the command strips stuck on the wall and then slide the caddy back onto the strips, but that may not be necessary (we’ve never had to do that). It is pretty plain looking and minimal/unobtrusive and they are ~$10-15. I found ours at the grocery store. Also available on Amazon etc.

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If you have corners, look at the listings on Amazon for "standing shower caddy." You can get a variety of shapes and materials and they don't stick to the walls or flush on the surface in any way. You don't have to worry about weight or anything. This one looks solid. I have this one and it's fine but I kind of resent the big plastic feet.
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I recommend checking out umbra, I buy most of my bathroom storage solutions from them (if it's available in your region), one example here
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I have found the answer, at least for me, and it's way, way better than those puny "shower caddies" one sees around.

This works here because the shower/bath surround doesn't go all the way to the ceiling, and there is regular wall (drywall over 2x4 wooden framing) above it.

Basically, step 1 is finding the studs in that area, making pilot holes, and screwing in some heavy-duty (understated metal) screw hooks. Mine are about 3/5" long, so the screw threads are about half that.

Then I made a basic -- extremely basic, but attractive -- wooden shelf (routed the edges of a plain board, stained it, coated it 2x with water-based polyurethane -- easy since it's just one piece of wood), and screwed a hook into each corner.

Then I got some coated chain, did some Pythagorean theorem calculations, and made four chain segments to hang the shelf from the wall hooks.

It's amazing! So much room! Doesn't get wet! Very stable, since the wall hooks are about 3' over the shelf, and it rests against the shower surround. Since I stained it to match other woodwork, it's also gorgeous.

Then I added four more hooks to the bottom, made a second shelf, and hung that one under the top shelf. Even better.

It doesn't take any floor space -- it uses space that's generally wasted over the end of the tub.

And the hooks have stayed firmly in place for over a decade.

(I'm pretty proud of it, in case you can't tell.)
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If you have tile or glass for the suction cups to grip, I like this basket from IKEA - but I have a very minimal set of products in my shower. I will admit that about once a year the suction cups give way and the basket tumbles into my shower base and needs to be re-attached but that takes about 5 minutes.
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There are refillable soap and shampoo dispensers available that range from ~$16 on up to $200.
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Seconding MexicanYenta. I've had a very basic plastic one in my shower going on ten years. Stuck on to the tiles using the supplied adhesive. Works great. Mine lifts out of its bracket for cleaning (rarely needed). The top serves as a handy shelf for bar soap or a razor.
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We also went with the command shower caddy (metal rails). We stacked one above the other with generous space to grab bottles from the lower one. They are firmly attached and love that the openness allows for water to easily escape. These are placed on the long wall, about 2/3 of the way from the shower head.
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Just buy a plain freestanding teak bath caddy or a bamboo one. Minimalist. Chic. Moveable for function and cleaning. Multi-purpose
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Command shower hooks and then any basket/caddy/thing you like.
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