Looking for freelance computer tech support software
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Is there a good piece of software (either for WindowsXP, or web based) specifically used for tracking customers, invoices, and jobs for someone doing freelance computer tech support?

I've seen quite a few other threads here (and elsewhere) about various customer management softwares, but nothing this particular. Various google searches yield mixed results. Does something like this exist?

I'd prefer something free, of course - but I'd be willing to pay for the perfect solution, if it's out there.

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Blinksale for invoices and perhaps something from 37signals to stay organized.
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I use Side Job Track though I'm not sure if its perfectly with your needs for freelance tech support. There's also Blinksale for just the invoicing component and Basecamp for project management. All are free for minor usage. Paid accounts are also quite cheap.
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FWIW, I use Google Calendar to schedule. I just really need something to track customers, the jobs I've done for them, and invoice creation/status. I've tried both Blinksale and Side Job Track, but still not completely happy with it enough to pay to use.
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I use AllNetic Time Tracker for tracking my hours. It has an activity monitor that can tell when you've left the computer and left the tracker on, and asks what to do with that time. It also can optionally prompt you upon return if it's off, and ask you if you wish to start tracking. You can leave detailed notes for each period of time, alter the timestamps manually, control which project the time is recorded for and mark which time has been billed and paid for, though the invoicing functions are not at all this program's strong suit.

It also occasionally throws a divide by zero on exit, but if a program's going to crash, I prefer it to be as I'm closing it anyway.

You can export its data any number of ways, and build your own custom templates if you desire—it's all roughly XML based. I think.

There's a free trial, but it's only $25 to register. I think this in conjunction with a decent project management tool (Basecamp stuffs, though we've just started using the bug tracker Mantis BT for a pretty feature-complete, free project tracker.)
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I second blinksale - free for 3 invoices/month, and still pretty cheap for additional ones.
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I second the opinion on AllNetic Time Tracker. It takes the problem of time tracking away, so you can focus on work.
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