How old is Web 2.0?
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How old is Web 2.0?
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When did start?
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Define Web 2.0. The term itself is what, about two years old? Interactivity on the web is more than a decade old, but no one used this special marketing name back then.
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That term has no meaning, therefore Web 2.0 has no age.
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There is no Web 2.0. It's the marketroids at work.
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Whether or not the term has any meaning isn't the question -- you can certainly trace the first use of a word to an origin.

You can trace the term back to O'Reilly Media and talks Tim O'Reilly gave in mid-to-late 2004. O'Reilly threw the first Web 2.0 conference in October of that year, but I recall the title elicited a "huh?" from everyone that attended and was mostly ignored. It wasn't until summer of 2005 that the term started to get some legs, and it's been overused ever since.
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Web 2.0 is a lot of different things and you can date almost all of them back to the earliest days of the web.

Amazon, I think, is probably the oldest web 2.0 application.

The usage of the term only goes back to late 2004, early 2005 I think.
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First, define the terms -- some examples of definite Web 2.0 would be useful.

Or, what does Web 2.0 have that previous versions didn't?
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Ooop -- on preview, shoulda read kcm's link first.
posted by Rash at 12:03 PM on April 26, 2006 (late 2003) and Google Maps (February 2005) were a couple of the big movers of the bunch of stuff people call Web 2.0, I think. Google Maps was an "Aha!" moment, where in the weeks after its release a whole bunch of people had discovered a bunch of technologies that had been sitting there all along but which hadn't seen much use. The whole "users share content" tags folksonomy thing sort of sunk in more slowly -- more of a "Hey, look what those people are doing" dawning than a "Look what you can do!" snap. (I remember how Flickr moved from Flash to AJAX a couple of months after Google Maps and got talked about a lot more once it did.)

For the part of "Web 2.0" which is AJAX, that word was invented here in February 2005.
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If by Web 2.0 you mean web sites that use AJAX, I'd say was the leader and gmail was when it really "arrived" (though AJAX has been around since 1998).
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This article (and, especially, the accompanying PDF diagram) provides a detailed analysis of the roots of "Web 2.0" in the early days of the Web, as well as the more recent ideas that have caused people to see this as a new trend.
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Web 2.0 was released to the public on June 18, 2004. However, pre-released copies were leaked on various p2p services as early as March of that year.
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I got my copy in the mail around mid-2004.
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Yeah, that sounds about right. I hope I saved the receipt, it should have a date on it.
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Web 2.0 hasn't really started yet, it's still in freaking Beta.
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Web 2.0 predates Web 1.0. I think it was actually release when Web 0.9 was in alpha testing.
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It was over and dead the day they named it, and 37signals decided to turn the hype machine on.
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