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I am designing a homepage, that will be a central navigation point for several blogs that I have. I would like this homepage to display the jpeg photos that accompany my most recent blog posts

... and I would like this to update automatically; i.e., if I do a new post on one of the blogs, my homepage automatically updates to show the jpeg that accompanies that new posting.

I really don't even know how to search for this question, so forgive me if it has been asked before.

If there is an online tutorial to accomplishing this, that would be great.

(I'm also curious about the best way to accomplish the same thing with text...i.e. the homepage would display some portion of text that has been updated at another site.)

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What about using something like and using the RSS feeds aggregated there?
posted by unixrat at 11:59 AM on April 26, 2006

What you want to use is RSS.

What software are you using for your blogs?
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Response by poster: Thanks unixrat, I will check that out.

empath, for the blogs I am using Typepad; I have the 'Pro' (ha!) membership, so I can use / modify advanced templates.

For the homepage, I am going to be using Adobe GoLive.
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Best answer: Empath is spot on in using RSS, but that's only half the battle. Most blogging systems (Typepad included) make it fairly easy to create the RSS feed from your blog, but then you need to integrate it into your new homepage, which is the real trick.

I don't use GoLive, but I don't think that it really has the capability of helping you out with this. You could, of course, write the code yourself in GoLive, but Adobe's other web design tool - Dreamweaver - can do a lot of the work for you in its latest incarnation (version 8). The good news here is that you can download a free 30 day trial of DW, which will give you plenty of time to design this page with it.

There's a fairly easy-to-follow tutorial on consuming RSS feeds using DW 8 on the Macromedia Dev Center.
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