Healthier options to distract my brain
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In an effort to get away news media, I've spent the last few years filling my newsfeed with sports - mainly NFL blogs, Twitter, podcasts, etc. Now that's becoming toxic for me and I need new, healthier distractions. Please suggest some alternative online media!

I've enjoyed the format of sports media because it is ongoing, constantly evolving, and there is always new content that is regularly updated. My interests include: music, bass guitar, books, gardening, cooking, history, comedy, technology, travel, psychology, and education. Open to other topics as well. Ideally looking for blogs and podcasts that are updated on a frequent basis.
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It's more of a snack than a meal but I usually start my day with Only Good News.
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I don't know if you're on Facebook, but one source of unmitigated joy I have found is Disapproving Corgis.
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This may be a controversial recommendation, but TikTok provides me tons of funny, entertaining, and creative content across a wide variety of topics
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what news feed service do you use?
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This isn't necessarily an alternative online media, but it is a healthier distraction: sports books. Make a list of five sports books you want to read (or gardening, or tech or whatever your topic is if you want to switch). Make sure that the first three you read are easy and compulsive, then switch to reading them. You can read online/or on your phone if you want. The chief difference is that you dictate and push yourself to consume the book. You happen to it, it doesn't happen to you. That's the biggest hurdle to jump as it takes more energy, but once you've made the switch and have got momentum behind you, you'll be done with news media and you'll be into something categorically different and healthier.
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My solution to this has been to build a tailored Reddit page with Reddit Enhancement Suite. Reddit itself is a cesspool, but the communities tied to specific interests are often great.
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