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My question is kind of an update of this one - I'm getting fond of cozy blogs AND Youtube channels about people living simply and DIY'ing things for themselves. I've got a few favorites, can you help me find some more?

The best way to explain my niche may be to show you some things I've found so far, and explain WHY I love them; but in general, I'd prefer either childless women (or, at least, they don't talk about their kids all the time); and a NON-religious and non-tradwife focus. If they're in a city, that's a bonus, but "cute cabin in the woods" works just fine too.

Some of my own current faves to explain more what my jam is like:


The Art Of Doing Stuff. A former Canadian TV host, and current blogger; she is gloriously snarky and funny, and talks about raising chickens and gardening and thrifting and stuff.

Meet Me At Mike's - she posts infrequently, but she's kind and sweet and has written about how craft can help get you through tough times.


The Cottage Fairy. An artist who lives in a tiny town in the mountains in Washington, living an intentionally quiet life; she's candid about how she's always been an introvert but tried not to be in the past, and how that hurt her. Lots of scenery porn, and lots of cozy "let me make something pretty for myself" crafting.

The Little Boho Cottage. A lot like The Cottage Fairy, only she's living closer to my corner of the world (upstate New York) and often stops to check out natural-world things I could see myself.

OCCASIONALLY I will check out Hannah Lee Duggan - not so much into her "vanlife" posts, but I love the fixing-up-her-cabin kinds of things because she very candidly admits she doesn't know what she's doing half the time but what the hell, lemme try building a cabinet anyway - holy crap, it worked!


Dainty Diaries. She gardens! She sews! She does woodworking! She does other crafting! She's doing it all in a little bungalow in Dublin! SHE'S ADORABLE AND I WANT TO BE HER.

Hope this helps narrow things down?
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I have two recommendations - The Last Homely House and Mrs M's Curiosity Cabinet, though I think the latter mostly podcasts rather than YTing. I also find her tone a bit melancholy sometimes. Ravelry is a good place to find craft blogs and podcasts / YTers, if you're on there.
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Maybe Christine Mcconnell on YouTube, she does a lot of Victorian crafts and the only family members that make their way into her videos are her cats.

I watch a lot of homesteading channels on YouTube and Little Spanish Farmstead meets your criteria, but it's more about gardening and building than crafting.
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This doesn’t tick every box but I think you might enjoy Ruth Tappin's YouTube channel. She's a professional antiques restorer with a shop in a small town south of Manchester, UK. Her channel focuses on gilding technique but she's a great explainer and communicates a sensitivity to materials that I think translates well to other processes and projects. This past Xmas, she made an advent calendar/tree of small gilded decorations. It gives you an appreciation for the amount of labour annd experimentation involved but also an “I could do that!” feeling. Her time-lapse stuff is really meditative. She's very candid about her mistakes and frustrations too.
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Best answer: This probably isn't crafty enough, it's more about gardening and life in general, but I enjoy the coziness of Nina Sointu's channel. She has a kid, but he doesn't feature much, the cats feature more prominently, from what I can tell.
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Response by poster: "Gardening and life in general" is just fine!
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Do you know about Juul Thijssen? She has stopped uploading much but has a bunch of videos up from a while ago. She’s HOH and so her videos don’t contain talking but are subtitled.
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Maybe Rachel Maksy would fit the brief Rachel Maksy
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On YouTube, I really like Linnea & Akela. It used to be mostly van-life but she and her partner (and their two dogs) have settled into living simply "off the land" in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for the winter and the vibe is extremely cozy.
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I find Li Ziqi's videos very cozy.
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Response by poster: A couple additional notes to fine-tune things a bit:

* Li Ziqi is already someone I also love, but she hasn't updated in over a year and I think she's given up her channel. I'd prefer someone who is still producing videos or blog posts, even if its a couple weeks in between entries. But someone LIKE her who's still working would be good.

* Rachel Maksy has the right personality, but it looks like she mostly does clothing and cosplay, and I'm not into fashion. If there were a Rachel Maksy type who liked nerding out about food or something, I'd be into that. (Yes, I know about Max Miller and Tasting History, I just have that as a different category of blog in my head.)
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Best answer: Cloudyhills does some DIY, home decorating, cleaning & organizing, cooking, and a tiny bit of travel. The style is your basic warm minimalist/vintage boho, but she does a nice job. She lives in Germany so it was interesting for me, a non-German, to find out you have to install your own kitchen when you rent and so you are sometimes allowed to do quite a lot of alteration. She does talk about her husband quite a bit but in a normal way.

heo_ssam is one of what seems like a ton of Korean channels about home decoration and cooking lifestyle type vlogs. Another one, very similar in tone and aesthetic, is honeyjubu. She does a bit more product recommendations. Though they both have children, they are mostly just referenced in passing (my kids like this/this lunchbox is for my husband), or occasionally appear to eat food.

Similarly, Nami is a Japanese woman who lives alone in Tokyo and does a lot of cooking, cleaning & organizing, and home decoration. She will also record a bit while she's out walking and shopping and stuff.

Back to South Korea, Kimi is more rural. Focus is mostly on cooking and harvesting, less lifestyle stuff. Family is all around but not really the focus, and the videos seem less from one person's perspective than the other type. Sometimes I just like watching the whole process of making gigantic amounts of kimchi and pickles and stuff.

DualEx is just a guy who builds vans and RVs and stuff like that, all by himself. He has an understated sense of humor and his process, usually timelapsed, is strangely soothing. Less aesthetic focused, mostly just practical and economical building (the style of the latest van he built is according to the customer's taste).

haha ha is a Korean fish farmer who has grown attached to all the stray cats who hang around. (He's taken them to get fixed already.) He builds them stuff all the time -- he's made several types of heated cat houses, numerous cat towers and tree houses, sunrooms, toys (mostly ignored lol). Also at least three attempts at an automated litter box, but they never like those so he seems to have given up. They used to just wander freely but after a few of his favorites disappeared, he was sad about it and made them a large outdoor enclosure. He also often grills/boils fish for them and does the ASMR cat eating noises thing.
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Best answer: Oh man, this is my favorite genre as well. I especially love to watch people in different countries, living their daily life. Here are a few:

Brücke - Japanese guy working silently on his cabin and occasionally making food, with a cute dog and two cats.

Food Around the World - despite the name, showing mostly episodes from daily life of women in a small Ukrainian village. Los of cooking from scratch and vast landscape vistas.

Country Life - family in an Azerbaijan village. The woman is a master at cooking; they often also show building of new household buildings.

A Quiet Odyssey - single woman working on her apartment and cooking in Portugal.

Johanna's Dream Home - a woman in Romania renovating an old house. Extreme levels of cottage core esthetics in Eastern European version :)

and my absolute recent favorite - Roaming Wild Rosie - A woman renovating a remote small Swedish cabin and also occasionally going for multi day hikes. What draws me to this channel is that Rosie is so absolutely genuine and earnest about everything she's doing, whereas I find many of these lifestyle/renovations/cottage core channels overly Instagrammy.

Eueu - daily life of a single woman in Singapore. Work, cooking lunches, sometimes going out with friends.

Hayao - very crafty Japanese guy with the cutest small kid. He constructs furniture, paints, sews, makes decor, cooks. Everything in a small apartment!
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Response by poster: I am LOVING Cloudy Hills, just wanted to say that before I sit on my hands again.....
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Response by poster: One additional update that I'm DEFINITELY enjoying the Youtube channels, and could also use some blog recs as well?
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