Love poem for old married people?
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What's a great love poem to read to your spouse if you've been married for umpteen years but NOT Robert Browning's "Grow Old Along With me"?
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Not specifically about marriage, but I find Frank O'Hara's love poem, Having a Coke With You, to be quite charming.
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Not for every marriage, but Alan Dugan´s Love Song: I and Thou.
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Burns's “"John Anderson my jo, John"”.

Also Neat Little Domestic Life, by Kevin Barnes / of Montreal. It's a song, but it works as a poem too
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Shakespeare, Sonnet 116. Love's not Time's fool.
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Touch Me” by Stanley Kunitz is exquisite.
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In Defense of Our Overgrown Garden
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At a Waterfall, Reykjavik by Eileen Myles
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On a Train by Wendy Cope
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by T.S. Eliot
To whom I owe the leaping delight
That quickens my senses in our wakingtime
And the rhythm that governs the repose of our sleepingtime,
the breathing in unison.
Of lovers whose bodies smell of each other
Who think the same thoughts without need of speech,
And babble the same speech without need of meaning...

No peevish winter wind shall chill
No sullen tropic sun shall wither
The roses in the rose-garden which is ours and ours only

But this dedication is for others to read:

These are private words addressed to you in public.
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Wm B Yeats When you are old
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face
also his The Song of Wandering Aengus
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Brel's Chanson des Vieux Amants.
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“To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up”
Ogden Nash, A Word to Husbands
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Kate Clanchy

I said perhaps Patagonia, and pictured
a peninsula, wide enough
for a couple of ladderback chairs
to wobble on at high tide. I thought

of us in breathless cold, facing
a horizon round as a coin, looped
in a cat’s cradle strung by gulls
from sea to sun. I planned to wait

till the waves had bored themselves
to sleep, till the last clinging barnacles,
growing worried in the hush, had
paddled off in tiny coracles, till

those restless birds, your actor’s hands,
had dropped slack into your lap,
until you’d turned, at last, to me.
When I spoke of Patagonia, I meant

skies all empty aching blue. I meant
years. I meant all of them with you.
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Marvin Bell's to Dorothy

he was the poetry daddy when I was at IA
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True Love by Sharon Olds
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William Carlos Williams' Asphodel That Greeny Flower (excerpted at the preceding link).
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