What's the best remote control thing for my dog to chase?
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I've been watching those videos where a bunch of frenchies chase after an RC car and said "hey, I have a frenchie." The question though: IS there something better to remote pilot besides a car that can go a fairly long way around a yard and keep going for a while. I assume there's something but I'd love some dog owners' takes on this.
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This is a thought I had oh maybe 8 or 9 years ago. My dog who loves chasing balls and running around the house, wouldn't he love chasing a remote controlled thing. So I got an inexpensive little remote controlled hexbug to try. I had seen friends' cats go nuts over the little hexbug nanos, so figured the remote controlled hexbug was the logical first choice.

He hated it.

Oh my god he hated it. Turns out that while my dog loves chasing toys and kicking/throwing his own toys just to chase them more, something that moves on its own accord is terrifying. Oh well. Thankfully the hexbug was cheap and I gave it to one of the kids in the next apartment when it didn't work out.

So my advice to you is that unless the rc thing is something you want for yourself (and not just for the dog), get something cheap (or better yet, borrow an rc car from someone for an afternoon) as a proof of concept before making an investment.
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