Help me get photoshop v7 off my laptop
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Photoshop Filter: I recently installed Photoshop CS2 to my work laptop. I already had Photoshop v7 installed, now I can't uninstall v7. Any ideas? Inside for more...

I assumed the CS2 install would overwrite my existing version, which I now know was a big mistake!

I tried to uninstall the regular way, but it kicked me out half way saying I did not have enough priviliges to finish the removal. it hasn't removed any files, any reg entries that I can see, but it has removed the uninstall option from control panel.

I can't seem to find an uninstall file.

I have windoze xp sp2. I do not have complete administrative rights (although it lets me do most install/uninstalls)
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Best answer: I know this doesn't answer your question—but just for thought: Why not keep 7.0? That's what I did when I installed CS2, 'cause CS2 needs a huge amount of memory to work, and thus remains slow on my computer. I only use CS2 when there's a feature I need that's only in the newer version. Otherwise, I just use 7.0—it's almost exactly the same, just faster.
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Response by poster: Oops. I need to do this without killing CS2. Thanks in advance.
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Do you have privileges to delete the PS7 program folder? If so, then it would be safe to do so. Any registry keys left over won't harm anything.
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Best answer: Seconding limeonaire. I have both installed on my work + home computer and I find myself going to Pshop 7 far more than CS2. There are many crappy changes (i.e. no more file browser, only exists in separate program?) and it moves much faster than CS2 (this is on a Dual G5 2.3).
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