Suggestions for a cabin rental in New England this summer?
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Summer Vacation - My little family wants to rent a cabin (next to a swimmin' lake) for a week this summer somewhere in the north east of the USA, hopefully for less than $1000, any suggestions?

It's just me and the little lady and a ten year old. I am partial to New England, especially New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont. Somewhere that is within a non-Bataan Death March drive from NYC (defined at less than, say, 8 hours one way). We just want a place that isn't rife with vermin and some peace and quiet, a minimum frills situation, possibly a hammock. Contact info or just suggestions of towns would be great and I thank you very much indeed.
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boyfriend's parents rent out a place, by the week, just outside of Warren, New Hampshire. They were also a 3-person tribe coming from NYC. The house is pretty rustic, and comes with a cold swimmable stream/pond and lots of blueberry bushes. They'll probably even read this thread. But I could help make that contact if it sounds nice... I should be able to dig some pictures up but they're offline at the moment...
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Thanks whatzit, if it's not too much trouble that would be swell.
Do you happen to know a ballpark for the price? Happy to ask myself if that is not to hand.
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Be aware that many of the cabins in the places you'd like to go rent out for the summer sometime in January. You might find it tough to locate something with Memorial Day in sight.
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it can't be a ridiculous price, or they probably would've gone elsewhere. and it's not their house, they rent it from someone else, so it's not like you'll offend them by asking... i'll send email around.
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I liked Lake Damariscotta, Maine when we went last fall. It may be too far to drive for you, but it's got cute and rustic little cabins and stuff.
I loved it.
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Yeah, I know. I'm hoping to sorta kinda wing it. Since I really don't need any attractions other than a body of water I'm hoping I can sort it out.
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That looks amazing, thanks.
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Wino, if your other possibilities fall through, drop me an email... I have a friend with a cabin deep in Maine, on a lake. She's sent me some pictures... the cabin looks rather old and tired, but the scenery is beyond lovely.

Don't know yet if she'd want to rent it out, but I bet she might.
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You guys are good guys.
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I love the Moosehead lake region-- beautiful and very cheap. It's a wee bit farther than you wanted though.
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I'll drive pretty far for a good cabin rental.
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I'd recommend Mousam Lake and the general area in Southern Maine. There are a lot of smaller lakes (Little Poverty, Square Pond, Silver Lake etc) in the Shapleigh, Newfield, etc. area. I spent large parts of every summer in Shapleigh until I was 18 or so.

Much farther up, but really nice is Ellsworth, Maine which has one or two excellent lakes.
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You're on the right track. Maine is beautiful in the summer and you won't believe the number of stars they have up there!
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A little late here, but Belgrade Lakes, ME, has been a family-friendly summer spot for the last century; there's a whole range of housing options from housekeeping cabins to camps, and many are in your price range. Belgrade Lake and Country is the largest camp rental agency, but their website is often down.
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Thank you all very much, this is all just what I was looking for.
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