Where's the watermark?
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Why won't text watermarks in MS Word XP show up as their default color on one single computer at work?

I'm stumped. I do deskside support at my office and a ticket came up from the Help Desk saying a customer on my floor can't insert a watermark into a document. I opened the document on my computer and I could see the watermark, so I went to the user's desk to troubleshoot.

I opened the document on the user's computer, and no watermark was showing. I went into the watermark properties and tried changing Semitransparent off and on, but no change. I did, however, see the box surrounding the text flash momentarily when closing the properties box, so I knew something was there.

I went back into watermark properties and tried changing the color of the text to red instead of Gray-25%. Clicked OK and the text appeared. I tried other colors, and the only one (besides white, obviously) that didn't show anything was Gray-25%. I checked all of the Word options (View, General, Print, etc.) against my system's settings and they were identical. I replaced the Normal.dot with a "working" one and still no Gray-25% watermarks will show.

It's not just the one document either. I attempted it on a brand new one and it still wouldn't show that one color watermark. The user said this won't be a problem for the existing document because he can just change the color, but I reminded him that Gray-25% is the default setting and when people create watermarks on their machines and send them to him, he would not be able to see them.

So... any idea what to try (short of reimaging the machine, which he would prefer not to have happen) to get Word to show Gray-25% watermarks? My Google-fu is failing and none of my colleagues have a clue. Oh, we use Win XP here, and all machines are identical. Any and all suggestions are appreciated greatly. Hope me!
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Response by poster: Yeah, we checked all of the Options under every Tools > Options tab just to make sure it wasn't something weird that you wouldn't normally think of like the compatibility settings. Every setting was the same.

And we are looking at it on two computers simultaneously with Print Layout the view on both. Everything looks exactly the same.... except for the missing watermark. Craziest thing ever.
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Does other text in the document using that color (or similar color) show up on his screen?
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Response by poster: Good question, inigo2. Unfortunately, the user had no time this afternoon for me to revisit him and try some other tests. But that will be the first thing I try tomorrow.
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