Best CMS for user-driven podcasts?
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Best CMS for user-driven podcasts? I want to set up a site where users will login and submit podcasts, and then be able to access them by each user's RSS feed, or to add them to category feeds etc. Is there a CMS (Drupal, Joomla, etc) that will facilitate this?
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I'm not entirely sure if it's the best way to do it, but I installed Joomla and have been loving it. They do have some podcast related extensions.

I signed up with Dreamhost and did the one-click install. All set-up pretty quickly and only $24 for a year with the MAX97 discount.
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Ooooo, I wanna know too!
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I should point out that I'm not looking to outsource the administration to a hosting company. I already have the domain registered and can install pretty much anything on to it.
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Okay, this may TOTALLY not be what you want but this is my suggestion.

If you use Expressionengine, you could essentially have members with posting access and create a different "blog/section" for each member with it's own RSS feed AND/or have a master feed that culls all entries from all blogs.

I hope that makes sense, if not feel free to email and I could try to explain further.
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Out of the box, Drupal wouldn't really work, but there are a couple of add-on modules that are specifically oriented towards podcasts. And Drupal is a solid CMS to start with.
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I still second Joomla. I tried Drupal and never got it to look like I wanted it to.
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Actually, Drupal would work just fine for this. Just enable the upload module, included in the source package, and the blog module. Files included via upload are added to the RSS feed just fine, and they'll be in the category feeds, the user's 'blog' feed, etc. The add-on modules just add extra functionality.
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