What should I add to this savory pie?
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I make a savory pie that consists of: pie crust (top and bottom), cheddar cheese, quick-pickled Granny Smith apples, sautéed shallots, and roasted poblano chiles. I love it, but every time I eat it I can't help thinking it needs something more. What would you do to it?

Generic additional details:

1. I'd like for it to remain vegetarian.

2. I've often wondered whether it should have some kind of gravy or liquid along the lines of a more conventional freezer-aisle pot pie.

3. Occasionally I put generic grocery chain "curry powder" in there which I think is heavily turmeric, cumin, and maybe coriander and fenugreek. This is good too.

4. I always love making something spicier than baseline.
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are you asking re seasoning, texture, or additional ingredients/filler?

from the list you've got, I would think either sweet potatoes or roasted butternut squash cubes would work well as an addition, if you're looking for additional ingredients.

if it tastes dry then yeah I'd add more liquid, and maybe more acid. the curry direction for spicing sounds great, but you can also take it in a Mexican chili spice mix direction, or a mideast shawarma or baharat type direction.
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Yeah, roasted cauliflower, or potatoes either diced-and-roasted or kind of lightly fried.
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Shredded cabbage, cooked down in a pan first? It goes with the flavors and it’d provide some more chewy bulk.
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I think some kind of gravy/sauce would be good. You could either put it in the pie or serve with the pie (that way if the combination doesn't work well you can just eat the pie by itself). Maybe make a spicy Japanese curry from a packet and see how that works.
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Seconding any portmanteau above. Those are all ingredients that I might add to a Japanese curry - I would definitely add Japanese curry to these ingredients.
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It sounds really delicious. I'll have to try and make it to figure out what it needs.
Before I got below the line, I though cranberries or barberries would be a good addition, for some acidic punch, and I still do. But with your dreams of gravy and spices, I need to think a bit more.
Maybe think along the lines of a Greek hortopita? If so, greens and an egg could provide some more moisture. My daughter's favorite hortopita is with chard and fresh herbs: parsley, not too much mint, fresh oregano, dill, if it is good.
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Came to say cabbage.
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I’ve seen apple pie recipes that include a vintage cheddar in the crust itself.
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When I read this and picture eating it, I know for sure that I want some fresh green onions on it. Perhaps they would do okay IN it if they were put in at the assembly stage, depending on how long it cooked for.
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I'd probably put a spoonful or two of chutney on top of the pie just before eating it.
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Some ricotta or feta or cottage cheese in there, maybe!
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Dry fried mushrooms (helps to remove water and concentrate the flavor), with butter and salt added at the end. I'd dice them fairly fine and really get them brown. I was originally thinking to say bacon, but then I saw you wanted it vegetarian, so this is my usual 'this needs bacon' sub for my veggie friends.
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This could read like enchiladas or tamale in a pie crust instead of tortilla or cornmeal. Maybe beans and some Mexican spices? Serve with enchilada sauce or salsa and sour cream, squeeze of lime.
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Response by poster: These are all interesting and worthy ideas! Keep them coming, really appreciate it, this is turning my single, humble savory pie into like five distinct pies.
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Response by poster: I wonder if some kind of mashed sweet potato/squash could be used to add a nice substrate that has a little more liquid, rather than using a gravy of some kind.
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This is somewhat along the lines of a delicious curry at my local Irish pub. Their Chicken Curry and Chips is divine, and the chicken is the least important part of the dish. Their menu says that their sauce is a coconut curry. So maybe if you want it a tad saucier, try mixing up a coconut curry sauce? They serve it all over wide fries / british chips. I bet some frozen crinkle cut fries would be great in your pie. If you want more protein, some tofu or quorn or soy curds would be a nice addition.

Regarding your update - uh yeah, mashed potato pie? sign me up!
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I make a similar pie, but rather than the chiles, for the herb/spice dimension it has a good handful of fresh thyme or rosemary. You can also incorporate some thyme or rosemary into the crust. Goes nicely with a fruit chutney.
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a splash of soy sauce and maybe some miso will kick the savoriness up a notch, and i wonder if it needs some acid, maybe a bit of apple cider vinegar, to balance out the flavors
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I like sweet pies a la mode, or with a little whipped cream.

For a savory pie, maybe a dab of sour cream, greek yogurt, or a raita as a garnish.
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Butternut squash. I'd say chorizo, but if you're going vegetarian...faux-rizo?
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Maybe something for a bit more umami, like white miso?
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Walnuts (softened), cranberries, some kind of veggie bacon?
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Cheese, apples, and peppers all pair extremely well with tart fruit. So sour cherry preserves, cranberries, lingonberry jam, raspberry jam... I would try anything like this I had handy.
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I second the idea someone said above, re cabbage. Saute with an acid to match your seasonings, and you'll have added sweetness, texture, bulk and moisture.
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Thinly sliced onions sautéed in butter.
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Thyme, possibly oregano as well.
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This pie is similar to one from Mollie Katzen (Moosewood fame) but has saurkraut added, which I think will give a lot more umph than quick pickeled apples.

If you looking for it to be more filling, I love cubed potatoes added in.
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Red cabbage imparts color and is often cooked with apples. Sweet & sour red cabbage just needs cider vinegar and some sugar. Similarly, beets, on their own or pickled or sweet/sour. Maybe sauerkraut or even kimchi.
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Branston pickle on the side
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Everything on the list is soft, so I think you need to add texture - something with a little tooth and crunch. The chutney suggestion is great. Was also thinking chopped walnuts and parsley as a good interior layer.

I think it sounds great as is, though, and if I were serving would just serve it with a side of salad, like an endive/frisee/radicchio salad that has some tooth to it, with a mustard/white wine vinaigrette.
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