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In September, I’ll be meeting a friend in London, where we’ll share a room for three nights before heading to his home on the south coast. It’s not that we’ll be hanging out in the room except to sleep, but I want it to be nice and am thinking I will be able to get that by spending something in the area of £250-300 per night. A few snowflakes within.

The following is just to give a sense of my preferences and priorities.

What I DO want/need:
- Upscale, comfortable lobby, preferably with a bar
- Well- appointed room with either modern or period furnishings
- Comfy beds
- Walk-in shower
- Built-in (so mostly silent) heating/cooling

What I do NOT want/need:
- Gym, office facilities, pool
- AirBnB or similar apartment or flat
- Old row house converted to a hotel
- Those loud AC/heating units installed against the wall under a window

Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: The Hilton that’s attached to Paddington station is a safe choice which would tick most of those boxes, with the caveat that it’s a chain hotel & so a bit lacking in charm. Obvs very convenient for transport links.
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Best answer: I stayed at The Plgrm and loved it. It's really just a few steps from Paddington Station. Their motto is "Everything you need and and nothing you don't" which in my case turned out to be exactly true. I found it to be nicely designed and welcoming. I was there in winter but I don't recall any loud noises from the heating.
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Best answer: Londoner here. The area around Paddington is grim for hotels (and eating options) or at least it was when I was last there which was for a conference at the Hilton rd45 mentions in late 2019; I can’t imagine that COVID did the area many favours. At that time the Hilton was very tired and in need of a refurb; if it has not had one (you could call and ask) I would look elsewhere for somewhere that meets your requirements.

In your situation, if you have any flexibility on location (Paddington is moments away by tube, bus, walk or taxi from several places) I would try to get hold of someone at Mr and Mrs Smith (a hotel booking agency and hotel reviewing outfit) who knows London and get them to help you choose. I don’t work for them but I’ve used them loads to book hotels and they’ve not let me down yet.
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Best answer: You might want to check out the Staycity Wilde Paddington. It's an aparthotel, but seems to fit the bill in many ways and gets good reviews.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. In the end, I am going with Hilton Kensington, as my traveling companion says some friends of his stayed there recently and liked it.
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