Is Umpqua Oats out of business?
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Went to their website and it appears it has been taken over by an online gambling site. I don't recommend visiting to find out, no idea if there's adware or whatever. You can see a sample in the Google preview in its search listing anyhow. Last entry on their Facebook was last year and their FB page shows the casino website address too, Twitter has been nonresponsive for longer than that. Just curious, I was shocked to see the website the way it was.
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Best answer: Sounds semi-abandoned. Almost certainly they ran it on Wordpress and didn't update. I just got warnings to update my Wordpress from my host because some systems are going unsupported.

This happened to me for a site once and it was a bear to fix, we eventually switched to Squarespace for this reason.
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Best answer: I checked their Instagram and last post was January 2022. Someone posted on it last week asking if they are still in business and they haven’t answered them.
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Best answer: I believe this is saying they filed articles of dissolution in November 2021.
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