The Kid from Dick Tracy (1990) is it based off Chaplin's film The Kid?
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I recently watched Warren Beatty's film Dick Tracy (1990) and I am wondering if the character in the film also called The Kid is supposed to loosely resemble Chaplin's film The Kid (1921)?
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I haven't seen the movie in ages, but I seem to recall there being a young boy from time-to-time in the comic strip, so maybe that's where "The Kid" came from?
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Around 1990 I was baffled by how John Nichols had Pookie describing Jerry as looking like The Kid of Charlie Chaplin. Who? This was in his novel, The Sterile Cuckoo, and after reading it I located 'The Kid' showing at a repertory theater and went to see what it was all about. Don't recall any of this a little later, watching Madonna crawling across Warren Beatty's desk in 'Dick Tracy' at the multiplex.
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RearWindow asking about classic film? Eponhysterical!
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The Kid at the Internet Archive, for comparison. (Skip to 4:14 to avoid intro.)
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Response by poster: @kate4914 I was not sure if Beatty took Chaplin's idea or not.
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@kate4914 I was not sure if Beatty took Chaplin's idea or not.

I get that, but there's a 1954 Jimmy Stewart movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock titled Rear Window. Hit my funny bone.
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Response by poster: @kate4914 It is my favourite Hitchcock film, which is why I picked the name. :)
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