Boulder City rentals?
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Looking for information about moving to Boulder City,NV.

I'll be moving to the Las Vegas area in a few weeks for at least a 5 month stint, but possibly longer. I'd love to rent a house or apartment in Boulder City, but I can't find any listings online. I've tried newspaper websites and craigslist with no luck, but they have to exist somewhere right? Does anyone have an leads?
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tiny, sleepy boulder is now so close to las vegas as to be a kind of suburb... a quick google search and i found several real estate listings for the boulder-area in vegas-area newspapers... think they might be your best bet.
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I could use help finding these listings- I've seen lots of ads listing Boulder Highway, but very few listing Boulder City (and most of them were old) Are these listings using neighborhood names that a non-local wouldn't know.
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I don't know how useful it might be for you, but I was looking at for stuff in my area. Perhaps it would help you out, too?
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I live in Las Vegas. There's a listing in the Yellow Pages under "apartment finding & rental service" for a Hibinder Enterprises in BC. (702)294-7368.

Googling Hibinder Enterprises gives some assorted apt. finder portals in the results.

I'm not sure what luck you will have finding a *nice* short term rental in BC. Be sure to check things out in person. Be on alert for methy lookin' neighbors.

If you do end up there and like live music, be sure to become a regular at Matteo's Underground Lounge in the BC hotel.
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When I lived in BC long ago, I wasn't aware of many rentals there. My brother rented a place -- a shithole -- from his friend that owned the place. You'll probably find better luck over the hill in Henderson.
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Will you be working in the BC/Henderson Area?
As unsolicited moving to Vegas (area) advice: Find a place near to wherever you will be working if you can. We're having a hard time keeping up with the road/freeway improvements needed for the growth here and traffic can be really bad and is no fun to be stuck in during the summer heat....which you'll be arriving just in time for!
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My work is based out of Henderson, but won't be going into the office all that often. I've lived in Western Mass for a long time and am use to local shops, good food and music - I'm thinking BC will suit me more than Henderson and definitely more than Vegas. Thank you for the advice!
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