Indie flick about a man who walks the length of manhattan
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There's this film I remember reading about in the Village Voice a couple of decades ago . .

It's about a man who loses his job and mournfully walks home. He walks almost the entire length of Manhattan. Home is, if I remember correctly, all the way up in Washington Heights or Inwood. The film would have been made in the 1990s or the early 2000s. Maybe a little earler. I don't remember. I think it might have been snowing lightly as he walked. I have forgotten the title of this movie and there are so many powerful keywords associated with it (movies, 1990s, NYC) that the search engines haven't been very helpful. Does anyone remember the name of this movie?
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Not exactly indie, but how about Falling Down with Michael Douglas. Here is a description:

A day in the life of a laid-off defense worker, estranged from his wife and young daughter, and driven beyond frustration in an endless traffic jam. After he abandons his car in the middle of the freeway, he crosses the city on foot, leaving behind him an escalating wake of destruction as his sanity crumbles in the face of contemporary urbanreality.
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The Cruise is an indie 1998 "documentary" about Timothy Speed Levitch, who walks Manhattan, though not the length of it. I don't recall him losing his job, though he is without a home.
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Falling Down is a good and interesting movie, but I'm guessing it is not the movie in question based on the memorable details provided, and not jsut because it doesn't snow in the LA basin.
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That kinda sorta sounds like Nelson Sullivan's work.
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