Canadians in Canada filling prescriptions = points?
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Hello fellow Canadians. Do you use a points card or credit card with cash back/points on prescription refills? Somebody suggested Scene points, and I believe Optimum varies by province.

If I have to spend money on prescription pharmaceuticals I would love if there is a way I can make the most of it. This is in BC. Thanks!
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I also live in Bc and, in a word, no. No loyalty programs on pharmacare purchases
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I'm in loyalty points directly on prescriptions but I use my air miles credit card and get miles. I've even produced cash for very expensive prescriptions and then sent receipts to insurance for reimbursement to get the miles. Obviously but worth it for $20 but for fertility drugs that cost thousands of dollars, it's a good bonus.
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Do you Costco? If you take a lot of prescriptions, just getting them at Costco will likely be so much cheaper that no loyalty program will compare. You might also get additional cashback with the Costco credit card, as well, but I am not sure.
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Even if you don't Costco, you can still use the Costco pharmacy (because it is regulated, they are not allowed to make it member's only). Their mail order service is a little cheaper for drugs and costs just $4.50 in dispensing fees including shipping (compared to ~$14 at Shopper's). I find it is more convenient to get drugs in the mail than going to the local pharmacy, though Costco is not very fast and sometimes if you are in a rush you have to call to prod them a little. You can always take anything you need right away to the local pharmacy instead.

Otherwise, just use a credit card that gives you lots of points at the pharmacy specifically.
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Other than general purpose cashback or grocery store cashback, there are no loyalty points available for prescription refills. However, there is a very nice soundbar below my TV that attests to the old days, when I could get my Epoetin alfa refills (it's been 15 years, but IIRC in the low thousands per refill, monthly) on 10x Air Miles day.
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The Optimum points credit card is pretty good, it gets points on all purchases and more on drugstore and grocery purchases within that chain. I don’t know if prescriptions are excluded from the points though.
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In Quebec, I can confirm that Optimum points are not given on prescriptions.
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No points on prescriptions. Othe pharmacies raised a stink when points were introduced and the government banned their use on rx
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