Costco almond keto bites copycat recipe
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Costco use to carry this almond keto bites . It use to be my go to snack. I want to make it at home.

But, I’m not so good at baking . I need to have the exact recipe with clear instructions to bake something.

The ingredients for this keto bites are just Almond Flour, Inulin, Erythritol, Almonds,Natural Flavors, Flax Seeds, Sea Salt, and Baking Powder.
I have all the ingredients at home. All I need is the recipe. I couldn’t find any recipe with similar ingredients online. Mefite bakers…..Can you help me find one or come up with the measurements for these ingredients to make similar keto bites? Thanks everyone
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I'm guessing the flax seeds are used as flax eggs (blend flax seed and water), the erythritol is a sweetener, and the baking powder a leavener so it doesn't wind up as a dense block of concrete. Can you experiment using a cupcake tin and try different proportions in different cups to see what texture is closest to the costco ones?
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Almond Flour Muffins seems like making these but subbing flax seeds for eggs might get you close. They also have butter, you might try subbing in applesauce. i don't think they will be the same EXACTLY but i think they look close.
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These seem almost like marzipan... not quite the same but you could look up “keto marzipan” or “sugar free marzipan” and see if any of the results look appealing/adaptable.
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Best answer: keto almond bites, if you eat eggs and have them to hand I'd try out the recipe as it is written. If not, how to make a flax egg. It looks as if the sweetener in the recipe is largely erythritol but not entirely. Presumably the other sweetener is sweeter than sugar to get to like for like. Normally, erythritol is a bit less sweet than sugar - ratio 1/4 cup sugar vs 1/3 cup erythritol.

Depending on how close this gets you, tweak the recipe for the next batch to make it more or less moist, sweet etc.
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If you are looking to get that strong “almost cherry” flavor described in the article you linked, I’m willing to bet the “natural flavors” are something like almond extract, or perhaps even a cherry flavoring if some sort. If you’re not getting the right flavors, I’d play with almond and vanilla extracts.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Going to experiment with your suggestions.
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