How to find where an artist’s work is on display. All work.
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I am looking for a place where I can go online and plug in the name of an artist whose work is on public display and have a list generated that shows me where. A comprehensive list.

Example: I want to travel the world to see all Picasso’s works that are on public display. Where are they?

Example: I am in Los Angeles and want to see all the works of Edward Hopper on public display in the city. Where are they?

Example: I want to know if/where a specific photograph by Ansel Adams is on public display right now.

I want a comprehensive list of all artists that would be covered in any listing of artists whose work is on display at all major and minor museums and galleries in the world. Or as close to that as possible.

Does this exist?
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Artcyclopedia. Example for Picasso.
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Not to my knowledge! In my work sometimes people ask me a similar question, and I have to check individual museum websites and caution them that I’m only giving partial information.

Many museum websites will tell you whether a particular object is on display at the moment or.not, but it’s by no means a universal practice.

Edit: I read your question to mean that you want to know about artworks on physical display; if you just want to know all public collections, be aware that not all artworks owned by a given museum will have digital images, either. So I don’t know a way to see everything online either.
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The IFAR database of Catalogues raisonnés will give you citations for detailed catalogues of all the works of some individual artists, but not necessarily tell you where or whether they’re on display.
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