Help with PMS / PMDD
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I need recommendations for doctors in NYC who can treat PMS/PMDD.

My PMS symptoms have gradually worsened over the years. Most recently I've had intense and debilitating mood swings. Although I've attempted to manage my symptoms with my psychiatrist, I need to explore other options.

I've had a variety of negative experiences with gynecologists, so I'm hoping to get recommendations for non-judgmental and compassionate doctors. This could also be a PCP, although I believe a gynecologist would be best suited to help me.

Thanks MeFi!
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I’ve gone this route with a regular family Dr and they had me chart my symptoms for two months in order to help diagnose so maybe start doing that now while you try to find a Dr and get an appointment.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if you know about the IAPMD (International Association For Premenstrual Disorders), but they do maintain a directory of patient-recommended doctors for PMDD/PME.

Am not based in US, so unfortunately I can't give personal recommendations, but you might also want to pick the brains of folks in the IAPMD support groups, or on Reddit's r/PMDD. Caveat: PMDD spaces tend to be very vent-y (understandably), so you might want to tread carefully if you aren't in the right headspace.

With respect to your last point, I've also have had bad experiences with gynaecologists when trying to get help for PMDD. My psychiatrists have been far more supportive and seem to also have a better grasp of treatment options, though since I've trialed 3 separate SSRIs (escitalopram, fluoxetine and paroxetine) at various doses over the past 2.5 years, they want me to try a short trial of oral contraceptives to see if the symptoms could be better controlled. Finding a gynaecologist that has even heard of PMDD (as opposed to just PMS) to prescribe the OCs has been depressingly tricky, but they seem more receptive after I got my psychiatrists to write me a referral letter detailing my symptoms etc.

You might also find this treatment guideline from IAPMD helpful, especially if you are looking for a PCP. All the best to you, I know this sucks, but it will get better.
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Best answer: I haven't had this issue specifically but the staff at Tia have been the definition of non-judgmental and compassionate, so much so that I continue to go there even though they are no longer on my insurance and I have to pay out-of-pocket. They have several locations in NYC. I've been to both the Flatiron and Williamsburg locations and have had very positive experiences at both.
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