Reverse osmosis options
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Our fridge water filter has finally crapped out so we are looking into an under the sink reverse osmosis filter that we've been considering for years. There are so many brands out there... does anyone use one that they are happy with? Are the ones from Costco any good? Thanks!
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I'm not questioning your next step, but your fridge water filter is replaceable. That's the point. Some panel should blink or otherwise tell you it needs replacement. And wow, it makes a big difference. It will flow faster and taste better, etc etc.
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I've been pretty pleased by my under the sink filter from Aquasana. It produces clean tasting water from unpleasantly sulfurous Florida flavored water.

I looked at reverse osmosis filters, but decided that the amount of water they waste wasn't worth it (for every 1 gallon of filtered water they throw away 3-20 gallons). Plus they remove fluoride which, I want in my water.
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We have an iSpring reverse osmosis filter that we've used for over a decade. No problems with it. Ours is mounted in the basement below the kitchen sink, but that's just because it was easier for us that way. Without it, our well water is undrinkable.
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I've mentioned this before in response to a similar question, but when it comes to the undersink type water filters, there are two basic types: An industry standard type that has standard sized filters, cases, fittings, etc. And then there is everything else - where each individual company will come up with their proprietary design for filters, housings, and everything else.

Meaning once you install their system, you are buying their filters etc etc etc for life.

The kind you want is the standardized kind. Beyond that, the exact model or brand is less important. But if you have, say, a standard three-filter setup under your sink, then you can buy replacements for those three filters literally any where - any home improvement type store, or even something like Walmarter - can you can buy whatever type of filters you want or need.

The standard type filter systems look something like this or this. There are also RO options that use the same general type of filters (with an RO system you have the filters on top of the RO unit, as a rule - helps get a lot more mileage out of the (far more expensive) RO unit. They will look something like this.

This is NOT a recommendation for those particular brands or the online outlet that lists them. it's just a visual cue so you know the type of thing you are looking for. If you find a system that has different sized filters, filter cases, etc, then just run away from that as fast as you can and just get something that fits the normal standard.

You can generally find these systems, filters, replacement parts, etc and most any home improvement store or zillions of places online. I would avoid anything that looks or smells proprietary or that smells of "sales" (ie, like high-pressure sales, or door-to-door, or that type of thing, or maybe a storefront that sells a certain brand of water filters, water softeners, etc and no other brand but their own) and look for the basic standard type of equipment, like you can find at any plumbing store or home improvement center.
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I installed this 2.5 years ago in our house with well water and old pipes. Even with a whole house iron filter and softener our dissolved solids read higher than FDA recommendations.

On city water, I would not bother with RO for the reasons listed above: wasteful and I'd want the fluoride included.
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Not exactly the same thing, but I find that the Big Berkley reverse osmosis tanks have been useful to me. It could be a potential alternate option.
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