App on MS Teams for recurring checklists?
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I'm looking for an app in Teams for checklists that need to be completed on a regular basis, instead of just checking off a Word document every time. This is for a work team that has a high work load, to help manage recurring tasks that need to be done but get lost in the volume and pace of work.

I am not very techy and googling this just overwhelms me, so apologies if this is obvious. I also might not be explaining this well, so please ask clarifying questions if needed!

This is what it needs:
- a checklist of the same elements that need to be checked or performed
- ideally the ability to schedule a prompt to do the checklist
- very easy to set up, use and modify

Solutions outside of Teams are also welcome - we just happen to have and use Teams in our organization.

Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: Teams has a ...thing... called "Tasks by Planner" that lets you set up individual items that can be scheduled on a recurring basis, and inside each item you can set up a checklist. Individual items can be assigned to one or more people, but not individual checklist items.

And it sends out reminders to whoever is assigned to an item.
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IAAMT (I am a Microsoft Trainer), but I am not your Microsoft Trainer. I agree with Gorgik that Microsoft Planner will do this. Planner is an app in the M365 suite, so you can use it as a standalone app, via or you can create in a Teams channel. If you have Microsoft 365 license, then you don’t need any additional license. You can then create recurring tasks, containing checklists, that you can assign to Team members, or leave unassigned. When you assign a task to a person, they will get an email notification. Also, if the assignee uses the Microsoft To Do app, & has a box ticked in the To Do settings to work with Planner, when they are assigned a task from any Planner, it will appear automatically in their To Do.
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