Best way to track webpage updates
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I have about twenty-five webpages I need to monitor. I really want an app/service/thingy that alerts me whenever the content changes on any of these pages. (Assume RSS feeds are not available.)

How can I best do this? The ideal service would be a. free, b. compatible with Firefox (in particular, not reliant on Chrome), and c. able to tell me when content on a specific page changes, not when anything on the whole website updates. However, the last criterion is the only one that's non-negotiable.

The most ideal service EVER would be an app that sends alerts to my actual Macbook. I would pay a fair amount of money for this option, as opposed to email alerts.

So far, Distill looks decent, but does anyone have personal recommendations?
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Is something like this what you're after?

It's the only thing I can think of outside RSS which *kind of* fits your criteria as some readers can track changes to articles but not the entire site.
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A company I worked for used a service called Statuscake. Check it out and see if it would work for you?
posted by other barry at 4:51 AM on January 23 can generate rss feeds for any web page and then you can just check them with any RSS reader. Many of those can generate the notifications.
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I use for this purpose.
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I've used for this, which allows you relatively fine grained control of not just which pages changing trigger alerts, but which parts of the pages changing, which can be helpful. Their free plan wouldn't allow you to check 25 pages very frequently though.
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Distill Web Monitor for Firefox (documentation) is a product; it looks like you can get 25 monitors on the free plan.

I know nothing about this service, but Monitoro seems to claim to do this, for up to 25 web pages on the free plan. (I can't get any of the answers on their FAQ page to load, so, I'm not that impressed so far.) They have a page about setting up an IFTTT service using their notifications, and it looks like they have other notification/trigger options too.

(I have not used either of these services; I'm just reporting what I found on their websites.)
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