What's an adultish date you can take a 19 year old to in Los Angeles?
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I'm dating a girl who's 19 in Los Angeles. My standard date is drinks and dinner, maybe a show at a bar. All that is out. And I'm running out of mini-golf, karaoke and similar ideas. Where can I take this girl in the LA area to do something adult and less cutesy? Ideas?
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Museums, zoos, movies, local theater, picnics, a day at the beach. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head.
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The Getty Museum is awesome to look at and look down on LA, especially as the sun goes down. The art in it sucks, but the place is more the thing. It's very romantic, try to reserve a spot as late as possible so you can catch the sun going down from up there.
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Comedy clubs? Ice skating? Cruise in the harbour? Dancing - like, ballroom/tango/whatever - classes?
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Surely you could go to an all ages show instead of one at a bar. Instead of drinks and dinner, get dinner and coffee?
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Why can't you take her to dinner?

Outdoor activities (hiking, boating, bicycling, rollerblading, etc.), flea markets/swap meets/auctions/estate sales/etc., all-ages shows (fairly common with indie music of all stripes)... I could go on. You're in the second-largest city in the US, and the global capital of the entertainment industries. Those facts would lead me to think that there are plenty of other options besides the ones that folks have already mentioned.

Or, if you want something adult, how about a card club? Adult-movie theater? OTB? Strip joint? I'm not sure about LA, but it seems that, in most places, at least some of these kinds of things are open to 18-plus, as opposed to 21-plus, visitors.
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Tar pits.
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How about a date where you take her out to get a fake ID? After that you can return to your usual agenda.
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Symphony/theatre/ballet. Classy and not juvenile.
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Museums, theatre (LA's theatre scene is huge -- and you can get half-price tickets for tons of shows here), all-ages music shows (including the Hollywood Bowl), picnics, hikes, flea markets, scenic drives (the canyons, Pacific Coast Highway, etc.). And yeah, why can't you take her to dinner? It's not like restaurants card to get in the front door.
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Here's another vote for a comedy club. Be sure that you're going to an 18-and-over night though; most places have regular over-21-only shows.
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I'll second the hiking idea. Hiking in the hills behind Griffith Observatory is always fun. Lot's of great hikes off Mulholland Drive as well. Art exhibitions/Gallery shows are also a good option.
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Throw dinner parties, pool parties, barbeques. Or befriend people who entertain often.
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I second the idea of going to the Hollywood Bowl. You can arrive early and bring a picnic dinner with you, or buy the food there, and eat in your seats, which towards the back of the Bowl are very inexpensive. Then eat your dessert as the sun goes down and the music starts. They really have some great programming there, not just classical.

Also, hiking in Fryman Canyon and Franklin Canyon are both very nice this time of year, not too hot. And they're both right here in LA, about a mile away from Laurel and Coldwater, respectively. Not too many people know how great the hiking/nature walking is around here. Go in the morning before the sun gets too strong, and then finish up with lunch at a coffee shop or deli.

Have fun!
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Take her to LACMA's Klimt show - chicks dig Klimt.
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chicks dig Klimt

Well, judging by the lines/crowds I see every time I walk through the galleries (I work at LACMA), I think there are some dudes who dig Klimt too. :)

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You're not that far from Mexico...
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Road trip to Vegas.
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I rarely drink, and my girlfriend doesn't enjoy eating out. We usually do things like walking in the park, going to movies, or, yes, mini-golf, if we can. Or we will go on trips to other (larger) cities. Hope that helps!
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Another vote for LACMA, especially if there's Klimt showing.

And show her the great French bronze sculpture of Satan, huddled broodingly under his great wings. That's sexy.
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I love it when my boyfriend and I go to the market together in the morning, and then cook dinner from what we picked out.
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I always liked pairing dinner and a movie.

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I would second mathowie suggestions of the Getty Museum but would disagree with his description of the quality of the Getty's collection. Fortunately the Getty has a pretty slick website for the collection so you can decide for yourself.

And if you are into the museum thing you should also consider MOCA.
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I'd just like to point out that since fake ids are now considered a terrorist thread by DHS, officials are likely to take these a little more seriously than in the past. YMMV.
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plays (live theater);

Botanical gardens;


galleries / art openings;

Ask her what *she'd* like to do.
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Pool/billiards/whatever you call it in LA. And let her pick for once.
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Shame on those of you suggesting Mexico and fake ids. That can only lead to.... Never mind.
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Olvera St., Huntington Gardens, Santa Monica/3rd St, Bowling, Santa Barbara ...
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Contact a magician who is appearing at The Magic Castle, and ask if they can get you in on a night when they are on. Pretty good food, a spooky Victorian mansion, a ghostly pianist and magic shows all night long=fun!
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oh, and Farmers Market! Fun people-watching (and celeb-spotting), plenty of great food, and you can wander around the Grove and catch a movie.
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I missed Scram's suggestion on preview -- Magic Castle is indeed great fun, but unfortunately for this case, it's strictly 21-and-over for everything but Sunday brunch.
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Listen. If you're old enough to have gone on a lot of dates involving drinks, and she's 19, living in Los Angeles, and wants to go out with you, then for god's sake she does not expect to be treated like a kid. Take her to one of the places suggested above for an hour or so, and have at your disposal a few options for later in which her age is not a factor, such as a party, or drinks at your place.
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Shows at The Smell are typically awesome. Trashy, youthful, and fun. Oh, and adult-ish.
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What are her interests? What are your interests? If she enjoys foreign films then ask her about some films that she's been wanting to see and set up a dinner and movie at a theater showing it. Discuss what you like and didn't like about it over some dessert. If you like basketball and she has an interests in sports, then take her to a game, teach her the ins-and-outs, and essentially show her your passion for the game.

Dating is about learning about each other while you spend time together and a big part of that is sharing the things you love. It's fun to do some of the general activities but the best way to show you're interested in her is to 1) participate in activities that she finds interesting and 2) show her the things that interest you.
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The Groundlings for lordsake. Heaps of fun and no booze.
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Horseback riding in Griffith Park or the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax--although that's not open as often as it used to (or should) be.
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Scram--you have to be 21 to get into The Magic Castle.

Horseback riding, boat trip to Catalina, a drive up the 1. Get Thursday's LA Times and see what's going on for the weekend. Maybe a baseball game? The Hollywood Bowl is great, just sit in the cheap seats ($1 a piece, buy a row and enjoy being alone) and byob and a picnic basket.
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The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a great day in LA.

And I second The Smell as a music venue, and raise you IlCorral, for noise & trashy underground & experimental musics.
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