iPhoto without iLife?
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I have iPhoto2 on my Mac but after 3.5 years I find it pretty lame, so I decided to buy iPhoto6: but then I found out it comes bundled with iLife 06, ie 7 Gb of other programs I don't really want or need. I have about 11 Gb of free disk space. Is there a way to find a simple copy of iPhoto6 or, say, even iPhoto4? It should be about 600-700 Mb, I suppose. thanks!
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Best answer: You can buy iLife '05 at a pretty deep discount these days. It includes iPhoto 5 and it's going for $27 on Amazon. I don't remember if the installer lets you just install one program separate from the rest, but if it doesn't you can always trash GarageBand et al since Apple's programs are quite self-contained.
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Use Pacifist. That's what I did (I didn't want GarageBand, iWeb, etc.).
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I can't recall if the installers are seperate for each app...but Pacifist (search versiontracker.com) will allow you to extract bundles - permitting you to grab a key piece from tiger you accidentally deleted (like a utlitiy); and will likely work in this case.
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Response by poster: well, I'd mark all answers as best, thanks a bunch!
I just called a friend who told me that the huge file is GarageBand, that I don't really need anyway, so if I get iLife 05 as suggested by bcwinters I'll just need about 250 Mb to install iPhoto and iMovie only
thanks a lot!
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Response by poster: and Pacifist sounds very cool!
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At least with the version I have, you don't have to install everything. (iLife 06)

Just do a custom install and unselect everything you don't want to install. You don't need Pacifist for that. No need to over-complicate everything. ;-)

And by all means, check the system requirements before you buy.
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You might also want to look at Kodak EasyShare. It's free and it does work fine with other cameras besides Kodak's. I used to use it in lieu of iPhoto. It doesn't do RAW, which is why I eventually went back to iPhoto with version 6, but I still have a lot of my older photos in EasyShare; it's easier to just leave them there than to move them to iPhoto.
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I neglected to mention that the reason I used EasyShare back in the day was because iPhoto's performance sucked badly, and EasyShare was much faster. If that's your dilemma too, definitely check it out.

(The new iPhoto is much faster and I can recommend it as well, but if you're leery of spending the money, especially if you're not going to use the various other parts of iLife...)
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iDVD is also huge, because of the video templates. To your question, I got iLife '06 and only installed iPhoto and iMovie due to limited disk space and it worked just fine.

Personally, I think iPhoto '06 is way better than '05 and worth the movie. The full screen editing mode is that good.
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Both iLife 05 and 06 allow you to pick which applications to install, no Pacifist required.
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