Is there a MeFi of relationships?
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Where can I find and participate in high-level, Metafilter-style discussion of relationships?

I love to talk about an analyze relationships. Everything from friendships to marriages to dating. I like to read other peoples' thoughts on their own relationships, and I like to post questions that occur to me. Yes, Anonymous AskMe is one of my favorite things in the world.

So I'd like to find a discussion group that would be something like pure Dear AskMe. The big problem is that most discussion groups out there are kind of crappy. I'm spoiled by MetaFilter and MetaChat. Is there anything out there similar to what I'm looking for?
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I think you just invented a new website.
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The Sauncy Intruder may just have given you the best idea you'll ever hear. Now run with it.... :)

Maybe you could start with a simple Yahoo group. Post the details, I'm sure I would be interested in joining. (Unless this is some bastardised variation of self-linking...)
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Count me in!

My personal interests are sociobiology, especially as genetics influence mating and mate choice behaviors.

I'd love to find a group that wasn't part of a personals web site and that didn't have a constant subtext of finding a sex partner.
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Response by poster: Yep, I had thought of starting a Google group on this. I wanted to see if it existed first. :)
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It is a good idea, but I'd put a strike against something like Yahoo/Google Groups -- I just think it would work much better as a real website. What you could have is something simple (like AskMe), with three functions:

post a question
list questions
comment on questions

The simpler you can keep this to view and use, the better it will be, I reckon. Shoot me an email if you need any help throwing something together.
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Best answer: Salon's Table Talk has pretty good relationship threads (both in Private Life and Families Who Think).

Threeway Action's Lovers and Friends bulletin board tends to be pretty thoughtful.

The nice thing about bulletin boards is you can actually follow people's relationships, rather than just doing one-off Q&As.
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Seconding 3WA (Threeway Action). They also have private forums for members that cover a lot of these issues.
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Response by poster: This is kind of funny, because Sara Astruc was telling me about her web site at a meetup a few years ago. I browsed around a little, but didn't get into it.
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That can be your first relationship question: "How do I listen better when friends make suggestions?" :-)
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I know that there was a company called "ning" ( that let you make your own social applications. It is out of beta and ready to be used.
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