Is there a PDX bar to replace late night coffee shops?
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I very much miss 24 hour coffee shops in Portland. They seem to have all closed. Is there a bar or some other venue that is similar enough to a late night coffee shop? I.e. a place where the vibes are relatively quiet and chill and it wouldn't be weird to sit for a few hours on a laptop or reading a book? And maybe that has nice non-alcoholic drink options?
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For that vibe, I'd look at one of the McMenamins locations - most are quite chill. You can also find a table at Lucky Lab and hang out there for quite a while.

I don't have any particular recommendation, but I'd imagine that most hotel bars would have this sort of vibe. Like the Hotel Deluxe, for example.

I didn't realize they weren't 24 hours anymore, but Ava Roasterie's downtown Beaverton location is still open until midnight if that's helpful.
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The bar at the Hotel Deluxe is lovely and the drinks are good, but at least the last time I was there, it was extremely dark. Like, could-barely-see-my-own-drink dark. So you might consider adding "enough light to read/work by" to your list of criteria.
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They're only open til 11 but my pick for this would be Nalu Kava. They serve kava and tea and the like and it is a lovely quiet atmosphere. When I was there, there were several folks working and silence or quiet conversations from the rest. Nalu Kava website
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