Seeking a readable book on the early history of Interpol.
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For a tabletop role-playing game, I'd like to read up on the early history of Interpol. I'm really only interested in First International Criminal Police Conference of 1914 in Monoco through the 1920s.

Because it's for a game and because of *waves hands* all this, I'm probably not going to be up to slogging through an academic work.

Ideally, I'm looking for a light and/or compelling nonfiction history of the founding and first decade of Interpol. I'd like to learn about the mission and structure of the organization and maybe some notable personalities and early cases.

A history up to the present works, as long as there's some detail from the 20's. Descriptions of how/if Interpol interfaced with US law enforcement in this early period is a plus.

I'd be willing to look at historical fiction, if it's from the right period, and a good read.
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