Easy way to let people I meet in person know about my events?
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I run a monthly event here in Toronto. The main way we promote it is via an email announcement list (we also have insta/twitter/fb). I increasingly find myself meeting people out in the world (parties, bars, etc) who I talk to about the event, and who are interested. But we usually lose track. What's a way to make it easy for them to stay in touch? Some easy way to let them sign up for the email list and/or get in our socials? A card with a QR code? Something else?
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If I were that person I'd like to get a card with the usernames for your social media accounts/URLs for websites, in addition to or in lieu of a QR code - I will not be scanning a QR code from a random person I met at a bar, or inputting any of my own contact information into their mailing list signup, etc. at that exact moment. I'd like you to just give me the information I need to look you and your event up later if I'm still interested.
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A little card with a brief description of the event and a list of your socials and website would be easiest for me personally! And then make the email signup link very prominent on your website.

You could put a QR code on the other side of the card if you want, but personally I prefer typing in the name / website manually.
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I concur that a QR code is too insecure and a list serve is too high pressure. Moreover, please don't make having a social media account a prereq to finding out more about your events. Cards (either for people to take or take a photo) with relevant info would be helpful.

A website with an easy to remember (or search) name would be ideal. I'd like to get information without having to commit or feel like I'm being tracked. Also point out if people can find out about your event through your city's local event calendar(s).
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For an annual event I used to be responsible for, I created a "business card" each year for the event, with something that indicated the type of event (usually an illustration) and with contact info on it. Relatively inexpensive to get printed at someplace like Kinko's, or you can do it at home with the right templates and business card stock from Office Depot/Staples
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When I was performing a lot I would have postcards where the front had my contact/promo info and the back was blank. Each month I'd affix a sticker to the back with a list of upcoming performances. People loved taking them and would ask me for them. You could do something where you updated that back of a postcard/biz card to have the details for the next couple of upcoming events and the front is the info about your website/joining the mailing list, social handles, etc.
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If you really want to build a contact list, _you_ ask _them_ for their contact info right then, if they're comfortable with it. I have found that approach to be much more successful, although I'm always low-pressure about it and offer them a way to follow up on their own if they're more comfortable with that.
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A card with a QR code of the URL of a linktr.ee page you create for the event. Put the event name and the URL on the card, too :)

For what it's worth, the QR reader I've used will display what the code is encoding before doing anything. I would be surprised if any reasonable readrer app would YOLO you to wherever if it detects a URL, especially ones that are included with device camera apps from the manufacturer. Yes, the standard disclaimer about the baseline vulnerability of all software, but I think there's a point of comfort that is achievable here. Heck, put the names of decent QR readers on the back of the card!
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What sort of event is it? Would tailor my response … based on the event type and demographic.
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Ooh! I'm in Toronto. If you're up for sharing, could you let me know what the event is?
I organize a bunch of small community events, which is done through a combination of a dedicated instagram, Facebook and email lists.
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I'm newly in Toronto and desperate to meet new people. Seconding that I'd love to know what type of event it is. Google hasn't been a great way to find local event newsletters.
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Similar to what snowymorninblues said - but as a (possibly easier?) option - I used to set up a photo-sized template, and print 'cards' at the local photo lab. You can print small quantities (as small as 1) and SUPER cheap, which is handy if they're changing often and you're still figuring out how many you need at a time.
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Response by poster: Oh! Showing up late sorry. Elsmith and Foxtongue - you asked about the event: I didn't mention, to avoid Self-link. But it's the Trampoline Hall lectures. You can read about it here: https://www.mishaglouberman.com/trampoline-hall . If you like MeFi, and you want to meet people in Toronto, I can almost guarantee that you will lke this. We also run some meet-people parties. Also I have a whatsapp group for our event which is largely about events and meeting people. And I maintain a list of "events you might like if you like Trampoline Hall". I'll message you with the link (it's an editable google doc so I don't want to share publicly)
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