Help me find a particular essay by an autistic woman
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In February (or possibly January) 2020 I read an essay on the internet by a woman who had recently figured out that she was autistic. I've been trying to find it again but I can't. (I thought I had gotten there from a Metafilter post, but I've trawled through all the autism-tagged posts from early 2020 and haven't found it.) Details within.

The key identifying detail was that the author mentioned how, as a child, she had torn bits of paper from the margins of (text?)books and eaten or chewed them.

The essay had kind of a confessional/coming-out tone. One other detail was that she wrote about spending hours after school each day replaying conversations in her head. I think she had figured out that she was autistic but hadn't (yet) been formally diagnosed.
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Best answer: It might have been Nicole Cliffe, who IIRC began to consider autism when her daughter was diagnosed.
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Best answer: And here's the Mefi thread from early Feb 2020.
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Response by poster: Yesssss, thank you muddgirl! I don't know how I missed this one in my search!
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