Can you recommend a dentist, orthodontist in los angeles or santa monica?
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Can anyone recommend a dentist and orthodontist in Los Angeles or Santa Monica?

I've been trying to find a good dentist and I cannot seem to find one who doesn't seem to be upselling me on teeth whitening, mouth guards, etc. I'm looking for someone who is thorough and takes good care of his/her patients.

I've also been thinking about getting braces, so if you can also recommend an orthodontist, that would be much appreciated.
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My dentist is Dr. Martin Allaire, in the practice of Jay Grossman & Associates in Brentwood. He helped get me past a crippling dental phobia, is very gentle, has never tried to upsell me anything, and is an all-around lovely guy. My orthodontist is Dr. Scott Newhart (offices in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Larchmont), who is hands-down one of the greatest guys I've ever met. Love him, love everyone who works for him, love the work he's doing on my teeth.

I heartily recommend them both without hesitation. And if you have any questions about getting braces, post 'em (or email me -- address is in profile) and I'm happy to yack my head off about them.
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I'm not sure if you'd be willing to travel to Pacific Palisades, but my dentist there is the best dentist ever: Dr. Scott Warner. He's recently taken on an associate (whose name I'm forgetting, and can't seem to find on the site), and she is also very gentle, intelligent and thorough. The dental hygienists and assistants are also excellent.

I've never gotten a hard-sell there. I don't have dental insurance; I pay out-of-pocket, so I'm not sure what kind of provider their practice is. But my out-of-pocket payments always seem reasonable.
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Happily second Scott Newhart for orthodonture. He was strongly recommended by my top NYC ortho when I decided to move west. Scott took over my adult (and 2nd) overhaul midstream, after most of the major work — and expense — was already done, but I never felt like any less of an important patient for that.

He actually has a fourth office, in an industrial part of Inglewood, which was closest to my place. He also hired many local kids to intern with him there, which gives a sense of how caring this guy is.
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Rob, thanks for the remider about Dr. Newhart's fourth office -- I usually see him in Larchmont and have occasionally had appts. in the other two, but I'd forgotten about the Inglewood location. And yep, one of the (many) things that's great about him and his practice are all the local kids who intern with him -- he's really dedicated to mentoring, and it shows.
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Dr Curtis Couch, 7068 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys. (818) 781 1533. He was recommended to me a few years ago and has been nothing but great. Van Nuys is a bit of a pain to get to for me (from West Hollywood), but it's totally worth it to me -- I'm usually a big girl's blouse about visiting the dentist, but I've had a crown and a gum graft (the latter not by him, by his periodontist) and wasn't bothered at all by either. Definitely recommended.
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Dr Montgomery in Playa del Rey, on Manchester. Treated me well for many years.
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