Barcelona to Ibiza fun trip
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Hello, I am trying to find a way to get from Barcelona to Ibiza, I know there are ferries and there are short flights. But I am looking for a very fun way to go, I heard there was a short cruise. Does this exist, do they have liquor?
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Yes and yes. There are several different companies that run ferries/booze cruises to and from Ibiza and every one I have been on has liquor.

As far as fun goes, they are all fun if you go with the right people. Are you travelling alone? I met a bunch of people at the Uni and at hostels and went with them on a ferry to Ibiza.
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I took the midnight ferry from Barcelona to Palma Mallorca and it was SOLID. I drank buckets of cognac (surprisingly affordable in Spain) while watching the stars from the top deck jacuzzi.

I would imagine that ferries to Ibiza would only be bigger and more geared towards partying. Drink lots of water. ;)
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Response by poster: does a website or the name of a company that does this or do i find it there?
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