SoCal annual physical before the end of 2022?
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How can I schedule an annual physical in the last week of 2022, with no prior established doctor relationship?

I moved away from my normal PCP in northern California earlier this year and have an appointment with a new PCP, but not until later in 2023. In the meantime, I haven't gotten my free annual physical for 2022 yet and I need to get my birth control prescription refilled. I'm also located in southern California (Pasadena area until Christmas, then Palm Springs the following week) for the rest of the year.

Is it possible to get a walk-in physical in the LA area today or tomorrow? Or a same-week appointment between Christmas and New Year's in Palm Springs, although presumably that area has fewer doctors?
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Best answer: I would look for an appointment via ZocDoc.
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IMHO your best bet is to reach out to your former provider to request a prescription refill, and wait for your annual physical to happen in 2023. Other options to get your prescription refilled might be a telehealth appointment [check the provider's policies first though] or Planned Parenthood. It's certainly possible that ZocDoc may be an option (although appointment availability was not accurate the one time I used it to find a dentist).
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Response by poster: ZocDoc worked for me - suggested an urgent care center that also offers primary care appointments, and I was able to get one 20 min away for tomorrow morning with a PA-C. This definitely wouldn't have worked in the small city I now call home, but there are some benefits to being in the giant metropolis of Los Angeles, apparently.

I already had my BC prescription refilled once by my old PCP, who said that they won't be able to do another exceptional refill to last me until April 2023.
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