Where should I go for dim sum in NYC on Christmas day?
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Myself and two friends want to get dim sum on Christmas Day, but the place I always used to go to (Hop Shing) has shut down. Where can we go that will be very good and also open on Christmas? Ideally they would either take reservations (this seems silly to ask for, since the place I used to go to would never in a million years take a reservation), or not have a crazy wait at around 11am.
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Best answer: Tim Ho Wan in the East Village has an online waitlist you can join if there's a wait.
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try golden unicorn
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Make trip out to Flushing, Queens. Asian Jewels is fantastic, a short walk from the Main St. station on the 7 line, and open on Xmas. Or try any of these NY Dim Sum places.
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