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Can anyone help me find either first-person narratives of LST-656, or else the January 2008 issue of "LST Scuttlebutt" (mentioned here)?

I found the very good page, linked above, as well as this one at NavSource.org -- but I am intrigued by a mention on that first page of a narrative by William T Deitz and a map by Elmer Gerdeman. I would really like to find those, or else the "Scuttlebutt" back issue.

I am trying to help a friend research his grandfather's WWII service on this ship. (My experience is mostly with AAF topics, not Navy.)

Thanks for any pointers or suggestions!
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Have you tried contacting the US LST Association, who publishes the LST Scuttlebutt? While I couldn't find back-issues online, it's possible they make them available to members, or could fill a special request for a single issue, like you are seeking. In my limited experience with similar research, associations like this absolutely love it when someone is interested in The Thing They Do, and would love to help you out. They may ask you to buy a membership (or make a donation), but everyone's gotta keep the lights on somehow.
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